Friday, May 27, 2011

Quit Chess, Play Poker

WGM and IM Almira Skripchenko
All this bickering about sponsors and what not makes me dizzy. If you want to play a lucrative mindsport, try poker. Low entry fee, high prize money, unlimited sponsors.

Here is proof that chess players do fare well in poker consistently.

"If there is a group of people more prepared for success at the 2011 World Series of Poker than chess players, PokerListings hasn’t found it."

Full article here.

P/S: If you have no sense of humor, please do not come back to visit this site.


  1. In poker, you will have no lack of sponsors only if you are
    1. sexy
    2. young
    3. hot

    ...not necessarily in that order.

  2. nah, sponsors wont matter if you win the tournament...

  3. Look at the picture above. I rest my case.

  4. LOL... C'mon Jimmy.

    Beauty + brains is a great promotional gimmick. We all know that. In fact, brains is just a bonus. Case in point: Anna Kournikova. She probably made more money than many of the players who have actually won Grand Slams.

    Jokes aside, here is a list of the World Series of Poker winners:

    How many of them are sexy, young and hot? :)

  5. I was not talking about how good these girls are. What I said was sponsors look for players who are able to draw in spectators due to their looks. Anyone seen a sponsored poker player who is fat and ugly?