Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Biggest Idiot

The biggest idiot is not the person who does not know he is wrong.

The biggest idiot is the person who knows he is wrong, and does what he is doing anyway.

Just a quick post before I go die of laughter after reading today's flurry of posts from both Jimmy and Raymond. These days, one can't even go out on Saturday night. Missed out on all those action.

Well, anyone with half a brain will know that I am not Jimmy Liew. What is the most obvious tell sign? For many times now, Jimmy has spelled "wonder" as "wondor". Not trying to point out his poor spelling abilities, but come on, clearly, that has got to tell you that we are two different people. This is also based on the assumption that only one person is maintaining the Chess Ninja blog. For all you know, I could have recruited several other people to maintain this site by now.

Remember the time when Raymond called me "young". Now he thinks that Jimmy and I are of the same age. I don't know if that is more insulting to Jimmy or to me. What I do know is, I have played more chess than Raymond and Mark combined. Yes, this is "moving the goal post" like Jimmy said. Actually, the amount of chess games played by Raymond and Mark in total just equates to the amount of chess games Mark alone has played. I WONDER why. I can even throw in a few more names of non-chess-playing people to make it sound like I have played chess for a REALLY long time, which incidentally, I have.

I am not an IM, and I would be very happy to get one, though it is not on my bucket list at the moment. This blog did not start out as an FGM hate site. Please refer to my first post on Fadli. I just wanted to show the frauds for who they are. In Jimmy's words, "unmask" them.


  1. I take great offence that you say my spelling is poor. This is a personal attack on me. My English is reali veri veri good.

    And why do you insist on spelling "wondor" with an "e". Everybody knows I havce the right spelleng. They told me so.

    I will be submitting a formal complaint against you.

  2. dear NJ,

    1. It appears that:

    a. IMJL + NJ + few anonys+ few allies + few strawmen + perhaps Ilham + perhaps PL + perhaps YCS = ONLY 1*IMJL

    b. RS + few parents = whole MAS chess society - 1*IMJL

    2. again,.... this is Malaysia....

    3. anyway, i believe our aim is to improve chess society in MAS,

    may i suggest the formula below:

    work done = Silence * Time

    4. hope to see more chess-related postings from NJ


  3. Yeoh, you alrady know my maths is poor. This is an indirect attack on me by writing in a way that I cannot understand. Do you want me to tell you the engineers versus salesmen joke?

  4. Ya Ya Ya Jimmy (slurp!!). I love jokes.

  5. Three engineers and three salesman were traveling by train to a conference. At the station, the three salesman each bought tickets and watched as the three engineers bought only one ticket. "How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?" asked an accountant."Watch and you'll see", answered an engineer.
    They all boarded the train. The salesman took their respective seats, but the three engineers all crammed into a rest room and closed the door behind them. Shortly after the train departed, the conductor came around collecting tickets. He knocked on the restroom door and said, "Ticket, please". The door opened just a crack and a single arm emerged with a ticket in hand. The conductor took it and moved on. The salesman saw this and agreed it was a quite clever idea.
    So, after the conference, the salesman decide to copy the engineers on the return trip and save some money (being clever with money, and all that). When they got to the station, they bought a single ticket for the return trip. To their astonishment, the engineers didn't buy a ticket at all. "How are you going to ride without a ticket"? said one perplexed accountant."Watch and you'll see", answered an engineer. When they boarded the train, the three salesman crammed into a restroom and the three engineers crammed into another one nearby. The train departed. Shortly afterward, one of the engineers left his restroom and walked over to the restroom where the salesman were hiding.
    He knocked on the door and said, "Ticket, please".

  6. Jimmy,
    Nice joke, veri veri good.
    please write more and forget about RS.

  7. It's nyce to cee sum friendly commentz on Chezz blogz onz a-gain. (Something long with my ky bord, the words seem 2 bee cuming out long.)

    Promote Goodwill amongst our chess players.

    Making A Difference

  8. WTF... complete waste of time!!!