Monday, February 28, 2011


It's funny how so much can change in a matter of a few months. Mas is playing in rapid tournaments, selection criteria, etc. Someone said that the MCF is changing.

So much is probably true. But before we jump the gun, let us think about what caused this change? Is it all the shouting that is done by chess bloggers?

Or could it be something else? Some people may say it does not matter.

The correlation between the turning point and particular events that have occured is very glaring but left unsaid.

Does anyone else see the correlation between the "revolution" and the fact that Hamid has left the chess scene, with new faces being given a say in the MCF?

Or is this purely coincidence? Or is this because of the voice of a blogger and parents?

Regardless, kudos to Najib for the refreshing change.


  1. I think someone is trying to join disparate events together to promote himself.

    MCF had a selection criteria published in 2010 , certainly no "lack of written criteria" as claimed by someone - see

    Mas played because he is available (no longer half way around the world) and Najib asked him.

    I'm playing in NC because of better job stability and the location. I wanted to play in 2010 but the location was just too far away and I would be late for morning games.

  2. Jimmy, you are in trouble. You are Mark(ed) man ... (pun intended). FGM is getting his son to get you, ha, ha .. A lot of theory on how to beat better players

  3. He is getting technical, you know. No more mind games. He now knows there is opening theory, middle game tactics and study of end game.

  4. So long as it remains only theory to him, Jimmy is safe. No worries.

  5. Great pun. Love it when people have a sense of humour.

  6. I reckon Jimmy has little to fear. If R Siew's trainee is 17, he's on the threshold of higher education. As we all know, that is a real speed bump to a Malaysian chess player's progress. Another thing is players who can claim to beat Jimmy now were playing much stronger at that age. Too bad, because you just started to realise your potential too late.

  7. With Hamid out of d way, the new broom will always try to sweep clean. This R is just noise trying to promote himself as a smart aleck. What is he thinking we in the chess community has no brain?

  8. Raymond Siew for Malaysian Chief Chess Coach! First Theoretical GM.

  9. This R now claims he has changed MCF. Didnt he know that change is inevitable with Hamid out of the way and Dato Tan stop interfering for now while he gauge the strength of Najib.

    The Challenger

  10. Najib is under Dato Tan payroll - so dont expect too much