Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Forgotten Tournament

While all the focus was on the National Closed as a pseudo-selection to represent Malaysia in the SEA Games in Palembang, Indonesia, there is one other international tournament in Indonesia that seems to have received no coverage at all in Malaysia.

The tournament is the Asian Cities Chess Championships, which is to be held from 21-29 April 2011 in Jakarta. By virtue of encompassing a larger region, the Asian Cities is arguably a more prestigious event, with the first prize being USD10,000. More details here. But to highlight, only one team is provided free lodging, while additional teams have to pay for their own lodging.

From several sources, I was informed that Malaysia is indeed sending a team to the Asian Cities. Typically, in these events, Malaysia will send several teams that are represented by several states. Since free lodging is only provided for one team, there must be some kind of a selection criteria for this. I was searching high and low for this tournament in the MCF blog and found nothing. Not a word is mentioned about this event, except in the MCF Chess Calendar 2011, where they show you the date of the tournament. So clearly, the MCF is aware of such a tournament, way in advance, considering the calendar was posted on 3 Jan 2011.

So where is the selection for this tournament? Some comments and clarification from the MCF officials are welcome. Even so, this is not really just about the selection. The lack of any action to publicize this event is irresponsible. Is this the attitude of the so-called reformed MCF?


  1. I believe Penang is the selected city.

  2. Thanks Jimmy. I was told that Penang was the selected city as well. But since it was not confirmed, I did not want to jump the gun. But now it is officially announced in the MCF website.

    Nonetheless, still very slip-shod kind of selection.