Monday, March 28, 2011


So this is the MCF's "reply" to my previous post.

I suppose no one can really fault them. I suppose it really is in accordance to the selection criteria. Let's see:

1.2 Selection for the National Squad will be based on the following criteria:

Performance in the Malaysian Master Championships (Current)
Performance in the National Closed Championships (Current)
FIDE rating (Top 10) (Current list)
Performance in National Open / State Affiliate Open Fide Events (Current)
any other factors which the SC may determine from time to time

SC reserves the right to exercise final discretion in the selection of players for the National Squad.

I suppose that is the criteria they were using. Back to square one?

And the next section?

Selection for

• The Chess Olympiad

• Asian Team Championship

The Criteria 1) Top 4 from Malaysian Masters Men and Women Championship. (Current list)

2) One (1) choice to be at the discretion of the President

3) In the event when one player decides to pull out from participation after selection, SC reserves the right to exercise final discretion in the replacement.
EDIT (28 March 2011):
Selection for
• Asian Cities Team Championship
The Criteria 1) The Champion Team of Malaysia’s Inter-State held (current)

Apologies as I missed out this paragraph earlier. I guess this begs the question, what is Malaysia's Inter-State tournament? When did Penang win it? Even if they did win it, does the exact same team get selected, or is the PCA allowed to select whoever it chooses to represent Penang (not necessarily the same team that won the Inter-State)?

OK, I suppose I was wrong. There really is a selection criteria. I guess I should clarify that we hope for a TRANSPARENT selection criteria.

SC = Selection Committee


  1. I think the city should have the right to pick its own players. Not everyone in the original team might be able to play.

  2. Dont be like the duck fellow, just because you dount know doesnt mean there is no transparency.

    The Challenger

  3. I am asking for clarification so that ALL of us know. I think that playing in the Asian Cities would be a huge honor and many of us may wish to participate. So, knowing the criteria helps.

    Plus, it is not the case that I don't know. But I have to protect my sources sometimes, so I am not allowed to share more detailed information.

  4. The team tat won in Sibu is Loo Swee Leong, Tan Khai Boon, Ng Tze Han and Anthony. Only TKB can make it due to working commitments by the other 3 players. Therefore their places are taken by other players.