Friday, April 6, 2012

Shocker... Best Trainer In Malaysia

I was drinking water when I read this and I almost spat all my water on my computer. Luckily I managed to hold it in.

Just for the record, the results he is talking about is this:

1. Sumant qualified for SEA Games
2. Mark got 2nd place in National Junior

With these sort of achievements, I think even the Stonemaster would not have the stones to boast about it. Let me just dabble into how insignificant these achievements are.

A) Classic case of "shiok sendiri" aka Malaysia Boleh

Sumant has "merely" progressed from a strong national junior to play for the senior team. FGM makes it sound like it was responsible for ALL of Sumant's training since he was a small boy. The gap between an already strong junior player and a senior team player is not that huge. Quite frankly, let us take a look at some of the players who have done it. Ronnie Lim, Nicholas Chan, Wong Zi Jing, Jonathan Chuah and so on and so forth. Why do I call this Malaysia Boleh? This is exactly like how Malaysians try to boast about Lee Chong Wei's and Nicol David's success as if it were their own. Hello!! Can you imagine how absurd it is if Misbun started jumping up and down by claiming that he was responsible for Chong Wei's success?

B) Overestimating the value of coaches

I don't know about you guys, but representing the country (even in a fair selection) and getting 2nd place in National Junior is far less of a deal than what most people think. These are perfectly achievable goals even without a coach, or with minimal coaching. If I am not mistaken, Jonathan Chuah won the National Closed when he was 13, and he never had a coach. Nicholas Chan won back to back National Closed Championships in 2003 and 2004, when he was 15 and 16 respectively. Granted, he did a stint with John Wong and I am not sure who else (if any). Lim Yee Weng won the National Closed in 1996 and 1997 when he was around 13-15 (also with minimal coaching). Bear in mind that these are all National Closed champions and not MERELY National Junior RUNNER-UPS.

This is just like our DPM who has the nerve to claim that Malaysia has better quality education compared with the US, UK and Germany. A psychiatrist would probably diagnose these people as being delusional with potentially harmful tendencies towards others.

P/S: In no way am I trying to belittle the achievements of Sumant. I am just saying that FGM cannot pretend to be responsible for Sumant's success. In fact, I am trying to do both of them a favour by saying that they should not rest on their laurels. These are not achievements that anyone should be shouting about. It only advocates complacency and arrogance.

In the words of Steve Jobs, "Stay hungry, stay foolish".


  1. I thought he wrote it as an april Fool's joke.

    By the way, I think Sumant had been conned into coaching Mark for free. Mark helping Sumant!!!

  2. Just when I thought Raymond cannot top his past self-serving posts, he proves me wrong again.

    He have the "best track record" therefore they "need to knock us out". I cannot see the logic especially when the first statement is totally doubtful.

  3. Initially I wanted to point this out, but then I thought it would have been really stupid.

    "No other trainer/coach have produced players with our results."

    This sounds really retarded because as far as I know, every single year, there are people qualifying to represent Malaysia, and there are people winning the National Junior. By that virtue, every single year, there are trainers and coaches which have produced at least equal OR better results. And also, since the results achieved by FGM is only ONE TIME, any trainer who has more than one year of track record actually has a BETTER track record than FGM.

    It may shock you people, but I will just throw it out there that I have a better track record than both Mark and Sumant combined, and I have never had a coach/trainer. I come from an era where everything was self-taught, much like Jimmy (I think). I am not claiming that I am as strong as Jimmy, but I would be willing to bet a nickel that I would be able to give Mark/Sumant a run for their money (or any other National Junior for that matter). And I never had a coach.

  4. Frankly, MOST Malaysian National Champs ( of the last few decades??) were not that great. Many were current MSSM/ Junior Champs who won the titles in the absence of really established players of their times. The fault lies not with them but the system. I really do not understand why so very few of our so-called National masters ever again take part in future National Championships. A new champion a year is ridiculous.