Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stupid People


  1. He is not stupid.
    He thinks we are stupid.

    Before this, I thought we can only find such people in soap operas.

  2. 1. nice quote. but may be not comprehensive enough
    2. what if the stupid, intentionally or unintentionally, keeps doing things that are destroying the community? The "never argue" policy may not solve the problem


  3. If you don't reply his gibberish and ignore him, he will have nothing to say. He can talk on and on about some useless nonsense, and sooner or later, people will ignore him.

    So why do you give him any attention. I propose a No FGM month, where everyone should not even visit the FGM site for one month. That will make our lives a lot more peaceful and quiet.

  4. Chess bloggers are a funny lot. First, I thought that only Raymond Siew allows ONLY compliments on his blog. Now I can add Edfong's Chess Xpose to the list. He openly admits deletions of comments not to his liking and that certainly does not bode well for Malaysian chess. Hope his head clears a bit in the morning, as he seems to be drunk with the notion that only his thinking is the right one. NO objections allowed!

  5. Seems that chess parents has lots of ego.

    Both Mark and Yit San had not won anything significant at junior levels ie NAG,MSSM individual title,National juniors and let alone National Closed and the parents insist they are top national juniors.

    Top juniors are people like Li Tian, Anas , Eng Cheam who has proven at international age groups. The next are NMs like Edward, Evan and Zhou Ren.
    The rest should be considered just talented, not arrived.

  6. This Raymoon fella sounds like a bitter man. He feels he fail in his life because he has no meaningful occupation and his son also in wilderness weak in academic and nowhere in chess. So we chess community must show some empathy, give him some positive note so he can leave the chess scene with a bit of ego.N dun disturb eddy too much he is only trying to gain confidence and support his son

  7. Please leave Raymond alone. Eddy, Peter, Jimmy and Chess Ninja, I beg you - Please stop attacking him!

    If you attack him then you are no different from people who bully mentally retarded people. They are human too. Maybe he suffers from some severe form of dementia because he believes PICA bullied his son and now thinks everyone is out to get him. He even expanded this dementia thinking others are out to get the juniors. Like a rape victim, he has psychological problems. Leave him alone people!

  8. See what happens when a group of chess players who happens to be Muslims and involving the state of Kelantan, he start to throw in the suggestion of Halal and Haram. This is mere provocation which he likes to do, but he has crossed the line. This is the type of person, a negative and destructive element. Stay away or you get absorbed by his deviant ways

  9. This lunatic tries to play around with religion and accuse Jimmy to spread hate message. Its You rammon that start the hate message by rediculing Islam. Happy now?

  10. @AnonymousMay 4, 2012 3:48 PM

    I resent the statement that you think that I am part of some conspiracy to attack Raymond. I take this seriously. I have always argued strongly by providing facts and concrete reasons. Your thinly veiled sarcasm is neither funny nor entertaining and I find it completely tactless.

    @Other Anonymous's

    You guys are real jokers. You seriously need to calm down with this Islam issue. I think all of you are being oversensitive. Last I checked, "haram" is a MALAY WORD that means "illegal". Your choice to read it in an Islamic context is your problem. You are the one fanning the religion fire. If you merely read it as an ordinary MALAY WORD, it may as well not have any religious connotation.

    Now, whether what he suggested is true or not can be argued, but I don't find it productive to talk about it for now. That has always been his style, to pose suggestive questions to rile up the monkeys. If you choose to take his bait and start jumping up and down, you will only get higher blood pressure or stress. Even better, I propose that you don't even read his blog so that you can live a peaceful life. If you have too much energy, I suggest you channel it towards improving your chess instead of reading FGM blog.

  11. Ok, no need to be defensive on whether or not 'Haram' has a religious connotation or not. We know raymoon way to provoke the Mamak who are Muslims and the Kelantanese who are also Muslims. The fact is he used the term haram to provoke. It is done on purpose, he could just say 'illegal' or 'unlawful' or even 'unapproved', but he wants to provoke and make fun of the word. It is unfortunate that nonMuslims in this LGE/PKR era are generally biadab. Unfortunate but the price is heavy if you think this is a non issue

  12. So if you know how Raymond is like, then why do you even bother? He is always provoking everybody, not just Muslim. Why do you need to jump up and down only when it is Muslim. Please don't bring in religion and politics here. This is NOT THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU. Please learn how to make proper arguments. You tell me the price is heavy if I think this is a non-issue. You don't explain why. To me, Raymond is a nobody and everyone can see right through is cheap tricks. I think you are paying a heavier price if you don't ignore him. I sleep very peacefully and my blood pressure improves when I don't read FGM. I suggest you do the same.