Monday, October 4, 2010

All Boxed In (more replies)

More replies to this post.

You have once again managed to sidestep the issue and resorted to "name-calling" to completely dismiss another person's thought just because they are different from yours.

Do yourself a favor and try to accept different points of view. You keep asking others to open their minds but yours is completely shut. For someone who has no real experience in playing chess, you sure pretend like you know a lot. Your half-baked and pretentious ideas are confusing other chess players and are even more dangerous.

I sincerely hope that you do not impede the growth of the young chess players in Malaysia and I urge others to avoid your convoluted "techniques" which are harmful to a real chess player's growth.

I was merely suggesting that there is something to be gained from the adrenaline rush that sports players get. Why is your mind so closed?

In case your mind can't process what the issues at hand are, let me summarize it all for you:

Issue 1: Chess players think better when they are more comfortable, regardless of whether they dance or not.

Issue 2: Try not to interfere too much with a child's mind, lest they go haywire from trying to take care of too many things. Let a child grow from his own experiences. Don't box him in.

Your ability to connect dots is uncanny. How did you jump from "allowing independent growth" to go ahead and pick up some bad habits?

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