Sunday, October 3, 2010

Micro Management

Trying to over-tweak any kind of management is a symptom of trying to micro-manage at the macro level. I do not pretend to know how to run a chess association or manage any kind of establishment. I also can't speculate on what the job of the MCF is and what the chess academies should be doing.  I believe every establishment is set up with their own objectives. If someone wants to set up a chess academy with the main goal of profit-making, so be it. As long as we ensure that that academy competes on fair grounds. I have nothing against that.  I also don't know enough about the right or wrong people in any association. I am not affiliated with any party, but I support the fairest policies, and anyone who has the will to implement them.

This is nothing personal, but while your views are very easily agreed with, I find them too idealistic. Who gets to determine who the "right" people are? It is very easy to say we need to get the "right" people in place. Even if we do get these so-called "right" people in place, who is to say they will not turn bad after they get into office?  What I propose is to get the right SYSTEM in place. Throw in a performance-based system for the MCF. Set performance targets for the whole committee. Let the whole boat sink and swim together. Just ask for simple targets like:  1. Add 10 2300+ rated chess players per year  2. Add 1 IM by the end of 3-5 years.  3. Obtain full-sponsorship for the Chess Olympiad Team  Of course, these are just some examples of concrete performance targets.

Let the committee themselves set the targets they want to achieve by the end of their term in office. If they cannot even meet their own targets, the voters will know how to vote them off. It is as simple as that. If you consistently fail to perform your targets which are set by yourselves, no less, then you are either very bad at setting targets, or you are just plain lousy at meeting them.  I wish I can say that all this is common sense, but as the great Voltaire quipped, "Common sense is not so common".


  1. I suggest you change the color of your text fonts. It is very hard to read

  2. Hope it is a bit better now. Changed it to white instead of grey. Changed to font type to Verdana as well. Slightly bigger and more reader-friendly... I hope. Thanks for the feedback!