Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Fool and His Money

Thanks for the feedback John and Jimmy. I have the great fortune (or misfortune) of being born patient. It is almost amazing how thick Raymond's skull is.

Nonetheless, I feel very obligated to expose whatever untruths that he is spreading. What both of you say is true. But whatever attention that he gets, sooner or later, the fool will be exposed. As they say, "the fool and his money are soon parted". Whatever attention he gains, once he is exposed for the fraud that he is, he will lose all his "fans". I believe the people in the chess scene are wise enough to decide which statements make more sense. I suppose I am more optimistic by nature.

I suppose both of you may not agree with my methods, but I think most of us blog for our own satisfaction. So garnering more visitors or attention is not really our main goals, although it would make us feel a bit happier, knowing that people are listening to what we say. We just play our minuscule part in this vast world to contribute whatever small part that we can in hopes of giving back what we have taken from this earth.

It is my deepest wish and hope that in my life time, I can see the chess scene in Malaysia cleaned up. The dirt has been here for too long and shouting with a small voice isn't going to do much. I admire Jimmy's courage to stake his name in his opinions.

My hidden identity is not because of the lack of courage. I could not care less about my chess playing career at this stage of my life. But if I am "just another chess player", whatever I say is just another complain, which the MCF or any other authority can ignore with their deaf ears. I hope to create a symbol and a voice that represents something bigger, a "force" if you will, to gear up for a transformation. I am new in this chess blogging scene. But really, for more than 20 years, this ugliness in the current regime has reigned supreme and if any progress is to be made in Malaysia, something big has to remove the roots that have grown so deep. As one player and observer, I am a small voice. But the idea of "The Chess Ninja" serves the bigger purpose of cleaning up the chess scene.

So guys, please forgive me in advance for my naivete, foolhardiness, and ideals.


  1. Were you beginning to feel lonely? :P Haha...

  2. Complaining about things is only the beginning. What counts is action - what can be done?

    I believe all of you have correctly assessed the woes of Malaysian Chess. What matters now is to act on the shortcomings. It has to be a concerted effort.

    I share this with you as I have personally witnessed people who have long given up come back to help so long as there is a good cause.

    A team of 8-10 persons worked through tight schedules, meetings and what not to arrange for the visit of 2 ex World Champions to Singapore. What did we get? A cold shoulder and rebuke from the Chess Federation. Do we give up? Of course not! We got together to work on these 2 projects just to prove a point - that even under unfavourable conditions, we soldier on to bring 2 iconic chess events to the public and I must say that it was really worth the effort. The details are documented on

    In that regard, my heart goes out to Karpov and Kasparov, who, though once deadly rivals before, can drop their emnity towards each other to try to change the chess world. Alas, the Empire strikes back. Guess we'd just have to wait for the Return of the Jedi.

  3. unfortunately another habit of yours, John - talking about your pet peeves even when it is completely off topic... Everyone in Malaysia and Singapore know full well what the visits of the two Ks to singapore were about. To embarrass Ignatius and the Federation over there. Karpov knew full well they were a Kirsan stronghold. .... No need to pretend to be so altruistic in bringing them to Singapore for the good of chess blah blah. You think they would have bothered to come if it wasn't for the FIDE election? Get real.

  4. I read the coverage of the event and I enjoyed it. It was amazing to see such support from the media towards this event.

    I have also heard about the situation with the SCF. It is most unfortunate. John, it is without a doubt that actions have to follow what has been said here.

    What I am doing is just to set the stage. I hope to rile up some folks who are willing to carry on the burden of this cause. The unfortunate situation in Malaysia is that most people are not aware of all the garbage that is going on behind the scenes. They still think everything is fine and dandy and that the MCF is doing a good job by holding all these white elephant events that only benefit a select group of officials.

    All this seemingly "thankless" jobs that they do "for the sake of chess" comes at a very steep price. Let me tell you that there is no such thing as a free lunch. And I can bet you that they are most certainly not doing all this for the benefit of chess players.

    This is just the beginning. As you aptly put, we must await for the Return of the Jedi. I am merely gathering up the Rebel forces. I am no Luke Skywalker. I am but a pawn in this grand scheme of events.

  5. To reply to Anonymous,

    Of course we know that. We are not born yesterday.

    However whatever happens at the world chess scene, we see it as a golden opportunity to bring the 2 chess giants to this part of the world, something we are pretty sure will not happen anytime soon.

    Malaysia had Kasparov some years ago at a Management seminar. Surely something could have been done then to keep him for an extra day to do some chess publicity?

    What I am saying is not to blow any horn, but merely to point out that it is better to take action and so something (when opportunity knocks) rather than rant about things not happening.

    If you had read Kasparov's statement, you will have realised that he did not once utter a word about campaigning for Karpov during his visit. He was in fact annoyed that the SCF chose to be political and shunned him when it shouldn't have. It was purely a chess promotion event and for that we are eternally grateful to the 13th World Champion for rising above chess politics to do this. Did MCF avoid Kirsan when he visited Malaysia? No. He was accorded the respect and courtesy befitting a FIDE President. That should be the way major chess personalities ought to be received. Why can't the SCF do the same?

  6. ref ur last paragrahp, you do realise mcf supports kirsan?

  7. Er... mtheory, Hamid, an all time MCF man is part of the Karpov Team. In fact, he was the General Secretary elect. Dato Tan was nominated as the advisor for the Karpov Team.

    How did you conclude that MCF supports Kirsan?

  8. c'mon John, look deep into yourself. You are deeply unhappy with many things back where u come from but realise that people are watching you and what you you have to be very very careful about criticising Singapore and the Federation even though you are itching to do instead you ironically talk up Malaysian chess and say that it is better than Singapore chess...
    many people know your history with the need to hide it. No need to hide the fact that you are itching to overthrow them too with your group...nothing to be ashamed about John...but why not admit it?

    C'mon John. The truth will set you free.

  9. To Anonymous,

    You are putting words in my mouth. I am currently only interested in teaching chess meaningfully to kids and making an honest living. That's all.

    There is also nothing to hide that it is better to serve chess in doing good than to work on negativity.

    The truth? I am already free as I see no need to delve into the dark world of chess politics. In that I am already free, thank you :-)

  10. Chess Ninja, MCF is not made up of Hamid alone. For someone who comments on Malaysian chess, you should be more familiar with the happenings. It was reported in some blogs that when Karpov was in town, MCF president did not meet him. That is very telling.

  11. You may be right, but ask yourself, who was the one who voted at the Olympiad?

    Who the majority of players supports does not matter. The official voting was when our delegate voted at the Olympiad.

    Guess what is MCF's vote?

  12. It was not MCF vote, it was Hamid vote. U see, MCF is a bunch of clueless losers. They arent bothered with a FIDE election which dont directly affect them. Even when we mention MCF, it is just a bunch of 5-6 people. it does not matter what the majority of players think or want as you have pointed out