Friday, October 22, 2010

Imagined Imagined Fears

If the concept of imagined fears is not confusing enough for you, try to think about imagined imagined fears. This means that you worry to much about your imagined fears that perhaps, you are imagining the fact that you have imagined fears. So, does this mean that your fears are real?

Anyhow, I feel obligated to say something about Raymond's latest post, especially since he pointed out to my blog suggestively about throwing around half-truths and what not. Let me just start out by saying that I have posted 3 comments on his blog requesting for clarification on his accusations of slander. Since he said that there is a law against slander, then I want to be on the right side of the law. If you are accussing me of slander, I deserve the right to know. But he deleted all 3 comments seeking clarification.

Why am I being so defensive? Let me pick out a few suggestive examples which I completely resent:

However in our Chess blog culture today we have many people hiding under the guise of pseudonyms or are simply anonymous. And under these guises they purport to be experts or have inside knowledge and then they cast aspersions on other peoples dignity and reputation.

While this statement may be true, the statement in itself is an accusation. Let me be clear about this. The Chess Ninja was not established as a means to hide myself. It is a means to represent the "voiceless" people in chess. It gives people the avenue to speak in a culture where speaking out is punished and not rewarded. Until that culture has changed, the Chess Ninja will always exist. Think of it as a club or association to speak out for the rights of chess players. This entity does not just belong to me. It belongs to all of us. The Chess Ninja is not a guise and I am not purporting to be an expert. I also do not want to hold the responsibility of having inside knowledge. What I do know is that I have had experience fighting for the victim before, and I am currently sharing that information to everyone so that this information is no longer "inside knowledge". It isn't inside knowledge anymore if everyone knows it, right?

I know that if anyone were to approach the MCF with such issues, their first and main stance would be to appear defensive and try to cover up their tracks. The Chess Ninja blog is meant to report facts as they are. It will not report anything if there is no evidence to back it up. It is on the onus of the MCF and other parties to show that they can run a clean and good business with the whole world watching them.

I have nothing to gain from exposing the wrongdoers and "casting aspersions" on their dignity and reputation. In fact, I feel obligated and responsible to tell the truth about the misdemeanors of the wrongdoers.

How can I sit back and let them get away with what they have done?

Here is another quote that seems to be directed at "some people" and no one in particular:

I think its about time this nonsense stops. All the lies, half truths and innuendos shot from the dark.

If you want to accuse someone of lying, then you come out and say it like a man. Point them out specifically. Raymond called for a stop of innuendos and that statement itself is a very suggestive innuendo and seemed to target at no one in particular. If you want to call someone a liar, you better be ready to prove it. Don't just lump a general group of people together.

So, Raymond, do not be afraid to let people speak out about you. You are truly afraid. Do not imagine your imagined fears. If you are on the right side of the law, then you have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, throwing cheap shots at my blog or any other blog is not going to get you anywhere. You have come to realize that less and less people are listening to you because you are afraid of being exposed for the fraud that you are. You are afraid that when it comes down to crunch time, you actually have so many gaps that you have left out, simply by connecting all the wrong dots.

This is what happens when you try to join too many dots too fast. Lashing out at other chess observers by deleting all their criticisms is just an expression of your inner child. Try to grow up a little bit. Don't just learn how to read and reason, but to accept criticism. It makes you stronger. Only when you see beyond your anger, you can grow. These are your very own preachings. Practice what you preach. Try to be a cook that eats his own cooking. Open your mind just as you wish others to open theirs.


  1. Why do u still bother with this Fist GM? it is very clear to most of us that he talks one way and acts another. and his know-it-all-i-am-right-listen-to-me-otherwise-you-have-imagined-fears-bla-bla-bla attitude is nauseating.

  2. I find it amusing when I see you comment at his blog but never the other way around.

  3. I dont think raymond has commented on anybody's blog

  4. I visited his blog a few times out of curiosity as it was cross-linked by other blogs.

    First impression: A pretty vocal sour grape (we do have plenty of these in Malaysia).

    Subsequent impression: He feels self important (way beyond his actual level of knowledge in chess). His "know-it-all" advice are misguided at best, and dangerous at worst if it misled any young player.

    After that: He's suddenly turned hostile with his "you do not have the right to speak" tone which is highly unusual for someone relying on the internet as his avenue for communication.

    Finally: When he belittled Dato Tan's contributions, I finally made my first comment (ever) in his forum questioning his own contributions to chess in Malaysia. I was surprised that my post got deleted very quickly with an efficiency that I think might have made African warlords blush. The only surviving comments are from high praises from fawning sycophants. Kind of funny. But I do not question the absolute power that he wields within his kingdom (boundaries as defined by his web domain).

    In the space of just a few posts, he's sunk lower and lower. I really don't think he is helping his own cause (whatever that might be in real life) by offending even casual visitors who stumbled into his blog.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Have we been unkind
    Chose the path to rescind
    I could never ever believe
    A man can be total deprave

    This Raymond self assert as elite
    Blindly have my posting on delete
    What I have done soberly request
    Words of wisdom for a serious quest

    Perhaps I explore on wrong site
    Failure is mine not to have excite
    Is there anyone out there
    To take up my civil dare

    I shall repeat those postings
    In which Raymond find hurting
    But please be kind if chose to offer
    An insight on matter mine to refer

    “Dear Raymond,

    Conclusion was never mine
    Eternal in hands of dough
    Wisdom wide of the mark
    Perak chess shall lies in trough

    Dots on hatchet head
    Awaiting Raymond bind
    How could he not heed
    Good words again remind”

    “Dear Raymond,
    I do not know you
    Nor do I know PICA
    This is true too to this new sponsor
    We have no intend to enter the fray
    Over the sky line of KL
    Serious matter was concluded
    Feuding parties of Chessing Perak
    Noted as liability to new sponsor
    That had never spent a single cent for chess
    Was it too much to ask for one round of applause
    In this never ending rounds of a bout
    I know no one in PICA
    Only natural you will have to start first
    A single round of praise
    Before we get PICA to do likewise
    Just to let this sponsor know
    There is indeed light to Chessing Perak
    And raise the hand of maiden dough
    Streaming millions onto 64 squares
    A Malaysian Record that it will be
    If only Raymond can clean a mirror
    Uses his best counselling skills
    To drawn close the line of flak
    For just that one round

    “Dear Raymond,
    I wish you walk the talk
    To guide a rally with PICA
    Do you expect me to soar
    With parties you would not shore

    I wish you walk etiquette
    Delete post your liberties to act
    But once you drag others in
    Privilege lost to botch appraise

    I wish you appreciate above-board
    A practice I had sought and had walk
    Was it so bad to join agreeable dots
    And let painful dots shed astray

    I wish you notice solemnity (and sincerity)
    When your voice is important
    To a decision that cast huge shadow
    But taken lightly as prank and petty

    I wish you sight a clear mirror
    A reflection so true and central
    Where lives are thrown together
    Keys to countless journeys of life

    I wish you lift the earnest loving hearts
    To ride the common cause
    Of Chess set sails the first light
    Passage to discover world of no regrets

  6. Siew Fai,

    This is ridiculous. This blog is not a space for poems. If you want to say something, just say it directly and as concisely as possible. You are free to set up your own blog at your own free time to express your pent up creativity. If you have something romantic to say to Raymond, you can use his email address which is listed on his blog.

    Can you speak like a normal person so that we all do not get confused by what you are trying to put across? Are you trying to help chess constructively, or do you just have too much time that you can compose half-baked poems to flaunt your shameless expressiveness at the mercy of the chess society?

  7. LOL...unkind and rescind do not rhyme either