Monday, January 24, 2011

A Chess Federation That Does Its Job

Read here.

Here is a national chess federation that openly accuses its players (including a GM and an IM) of cheating during the Olympiad. I sure hope they have proof on such matters, or else they may be slapped with a case of libel. Oh, in that case, I might even be implicated for "promoting" this story.

On another note, I was just curious about some accusations with regards to PICA and match-fixing. I wonder if PICA is able to sue someone for blatantly accusing them for match-fixing when he is unable to prove it, given there is no crosstable.

Yet, he is allowed to accuse people openly without proof. I believe it is the accuser that has to furnish the proof of guilt, rather than the accused to show proof of innocence. Perhaps this could be slander/libel as well?

Food for thought.


  1. A basic tenet of law is that the accused is always presumed innocent until proven guilty. The onus of proving guilt is always with the accuser.

  2. Some public universities punish members of athletic teams accused of felonies after they are indicted, even if they have not been convicted. In some cases this may entail expulsion from the team and/or loss of the athletic scholarship.


  3. You are comparing the legal system in the US and that of Malaysia. They are not parallels.

    Plus, you are talking about indictment for felonies. A felony is much much more serious compared to a "simple" case of libel.

    Also, the universities could have included that as a term in their athletic scholarship. So they reserve the right to punish the athletes upon indictment.

    What is your point?

  4. just want to add..
    match fixing is always happen in our country...ecpecially in rapid final round
    ..i think nobody see it as a crime..i think