Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Formal Offer - Be A Man

Raymond Siew, I know you will read this.

Let me be the "bigger man" and offer this to you.

If you stop writing about things you don't even begin to comprehend, such as the motives of other bloggers and stop referring to other blogs and accusing them of untrue things (fear and what not) and keep on writing about what you think are ideas to help improve chess, then there will be no need for me to demonstrate the absurdity of your comments.

As you said, your motivation is not to compare yourself with other bloggers and as such, you should not have to comment on the bloggers themselves. Stick to commenting on ideas. At least that is what you claim to do best.

I am more than happy to fight ideas with ideas as I have shown time and again. I have no reason to make this a personal battle. So, if you have any great concrete ideas, bring it on! If you keep trying to fan the hate by targeting the personalities of others, you will only stand to lose out in the long run.

Be a man.


  1. Stop wasting your time. As long as he is under his delusion of support, he doesn't care what the majority has to say about him.

    Find something worth talking about. This is not one of them.

  2. Actually I find the stupidity in his points and his futile attempts to twist the story very entertaining.

    Personally, I found amusing the part where he implied that Rationality has said that AirAsia was part of their scam, when the accusation was that FGM ran his stunt by exploiting the air tickets provided by AirAsia.

    If I was Rationality, my intelligence would be insulted. It's too petty for AirAsia to have a motive to profit from this, and it's not possible if they sponsor 50 tickets which they could sell for RM50,000.

  3. This fella just like to throw names so as to make himself look important and influential. So he roped in AirAsia and MCF. The stunt didnt work out and can never be simply because he has no standing or credibility to undertake the job. He said he lost money? Well that only shows his stupidity - but do not forget its the parents fault, the MCF fault, the kid's fault etc etc. Oh well he will of cause deny he ever said or imply any of this. Those who ever think of working just with beware of this "I am right you're wrong " quack

  4. You want him to be a man? Dun be naive man. Just ttell me ONE instance when he admit he's wrong and you're right- Unconditionally with no buts. And for you guys who loves Ramund you have to be just a ssleazy. Nah lets move on ...