Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Much Hot Air

If you guys have not seen Siew Fai's comment on Jimmy's blog, you probably managed to save about 15 minutes of your life, depending on how fast you can read.

For those of you who are lazy or who are too busy to care what Siew Fai is talking about, let me try to summarize it in a few sentences.

1. Siew Fai does not know how to spell "George Bush".

2. Siew Fai's favorite past time is to sit on the fence (regardless of how painful that is).

3. Siew Fai thinks that he is doing "god's work" (with no offence to any religion) because he has a RM2 million sponsorship just waiting to be splashed upon all chess players like holy water (Read: All of you should listen to Siew Fai because if not, you will never see that RM2 million sponsorship). "Take heed or you shall perish in the name of chess!"

4. Siew Fai thinks he is better than anyone of us because of his negotiations with an arbitrary amount of sponsorship with several zeroes behind it. He has the audacity to insinuate that the Stonemaster may or may not have the RM1 million sponsorship that the Stonemaster is bragging about, using phrases like "no reason to challenge him for validity or being a doubting Thomas-time will tell whether it is true or false".

Whether or not the Stonemaster has a sponsor ready and waiting is the Stonemaster's business to shout about. There was absolutely no reason to bring it in unless you wanted "create doubt". You don't have to be so pretentious in your self-promoting and self-advertizing. We get it. Siew Fai is the chess saviour.

Siew Fai, you have done nothing more than promote yourself and riding along the comment page of chess blogs. At least Raymond has his own blog. I have several suggestions of ways to promote yourself.

1. Create YOUR OWN blog
2. Make a giant billboard with Jackie Chan's face on it and put it beside yours like for Kaspersky
3. Take out a full-page newspaper advertisement (you can include Jackie Chan or Lee Chong Wei as well)
4. Make a TV advertisement
5. Make a radio advertisement

If you need more advice, I suggest you contact a professional PR firm because currently, you have done nothing but paint a very ugly picture of yourself. All we have been hearing is you blowing hot air and more hot air about how much sponsorship you are getting. It's already getting really hot with global warming and all.

If you are truly doing this for the good of chess, why not go ahead and just do it because you don't need to create a name for yourself while you're at it. Report back once everything has been signed, then you will AUTOMATICALLY be a hero.

Otherwise, you have officially lowered yourself to the level of the Stonemaster. Because honestly, only time will tell whether what you say is true or not. We have no reason to question the validity of your statements.

P/S: Try to learn how to write in a clear and concise manner in neat paragraphs. No one likes to read a lengthy, incoherent, poorly paragraphed post. Clearly you have demonstrated your ability to use line breaks in your romantic poem to Raymond Siew. How about you promote yourself in your own blog?


  1. This is just me promoting another slanderous blog. Sorry Ninja,

  2. 1. My gosh looks like we have another foreign pest. The Malaysian chess community should allow characters like sew fai or ramon to undermine our intelligence.
    2. So how can we get rid of them once and for all? My suggestion only registered players with State or national registration can be involved or participate in any chess activities in the country.
    3. Players or officials who act to the detriment of chess shall not be allowed to secure membership.

    The Challenger

  3. As I said before, the problems are not so much in the character but in the content of what people say. I am most certain that anything that makes sense can and will be accepted by the chess community.

    The objective is not to get rid of anyone at all. Oppression is not the way forward. This is why I don't believe in deleting comments. It is our prerogative to respect every chess player's intelligence to weigh the arguments themselves.

    We cannot pretend to be the "know-it-all" and censor whatever ideas that we deem "unfit".

    I don't believe in controlling membership. Who then, can determine what acts are in detriment of chess and what acts are beneficial? That opinion is subjective. Raymond still believes he is helping chess. Many other people might disagree.

    So, let everyone voice their opinions and let the public decide what they want to take away from these. Don't let your bitterness get to you, lest we descend to Raymond's gutter level.

  4. By now ilam or for that matter anyone else should know ramon is the only bearer of truth, including glass business.

    Mrninja we are not bitter but just annoyed having this type of character in our midst.

    The Challenger