Monday, January 24, 2011

Poll Results

Here are the final results for the poll. This will probably be the final thing I have to say on the matter. I seriously doubt there is any rigging in the polls, considering most people do not clear their caches these days. That would be the only way of voting multiple times (I think). Or if you have multiple computers.

Nonetheless, the results are clear. 'Nuff said.


  1. True to form the poll is rigged says the you-know-who. Dont we all know he is always right - just wonder why he is never heard of before.

  2. You mean in the corporate world? Well he claim to be a contractor. A sub contractor or sub sub-contractor will also claim to be a subcontractor - nice ring to it maybe. Oh a guru with the inner child hogwash? come on gimme a break. Without a shred of CV no corporates will bother. On maybe he is a somebody from perak? Hmmm dont underrate the intelligence of dr yee ( real medical doctor )or eddy or fadil who has been long in chess. they ver heard of this guy nuff said